Agility Training and Classes


Would you like to try agility, but haven’t any training experience?  Why not sign up for our AGILITY TRAINING LESSONS?  Teach your dog the essentials needed before you embark on your agility journey.  Get in touch to find out more!


If you have a certain level of obedience with your dog and your dog is happy to work with you in the company of others, why not join our agility classes?

Agility is a great way to develop your bond with your dog. You will both be faced with new challenges, and you will develop your handling skills.

The aim of agility is to complete a series of obstacles in the quickest possible time. These obstacles include jumps, tunnels, weave poles and various contact equipment. Grow together as a team and have great fun too!

We can cater for all levels of agility, from total beginners with basic obedience skills to those training at competition level.

Our adjustable training equipment will help build confidence as you and your dog learn how to use the contacts, i.e. the dog walk, A-Frame and seesaw.

For those of you already competing, we are the proud owners of a complete set of competition “Adam’s Agility” equipment, kindly sold to us by Beano’s Ballpark.

Our jumps meet the current competition regulations and are fully adjustable from micro to large so any dog at the right age, whatever the size, can participate in our classes.