Puppy & Dog Training Classes

Health & Safety

Our classes are run by Instructors who have undergone canine first aid courses, and a first aid kit will be available during all our courses.

As a new member, you will receive a copy of our Terms and Conditions.  A copy of our Health and Safety policy and Risk Assessment are available up on request.

Puppy Classes

When your puppy has finished his course of vaccinations and has the go-ahead from your veterinary surgeon, you can join our puppy classes.

We run a nine week Puppy Training Course.  Time will be spent during the first lesson getting to know you and your puppy and any special needs or particular help you may want.  During the lessons we can advise on how to continue to train at home, in readiness for the next lesson. Puppies have a very short attention span and tire quickly, so forty-five minutes will see you gain the most out of your puppy during this training time.

During your first lesson, you will receive your Puppy Assessment Diary, showing the areas of training we will cover.  As you and your puppy succeed, the diary will be completed.   We will be teaching you skills and working towards our BOWOW! Puppy Training Certificate which will be presented at the end of the course if you complete all the exercises successfully.

We keep our numbers small so this will give you all the individual attention you need, while also being able to interact with the other puppies in the group.  Booking early is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Dog Classes

When you have completed your puppy course, we hope that you will have enjoyed it so much, that you will continue to train with us in our dog training classes.  This will develop the skills you have already achieved in the puppy classes and will continue to develop your relationship and bond with your dog.

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