Our Instructors

Our Club is run by Terri Mellow and Louise Ball who will also be your training instructors.  We can run sessions individually or as a group, and our classes will be small in number, so that we can cater for everyone’s individual needs.

Terri Mellow

Terri started training her own dogs, Rough Collies, with Falmouth training club in the 1970’s and has been involved in training, showing, judging and working dogs ever since.  She became the trainer at Falmouth club and it was during this time that she passed an assessment and became a member of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers).
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Terri currently shows and works 2 whippets and 3 Papillons in agility and obedience and her Papillon has just gained his Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold Award, an achievement that she is very proud of. She enjoys helping new owners with their puppy training and watching them go on to become confident, responsible dog owners.

Terri’s agility experience goes back many years and she currently competes with her Papillons in Grade 5-7. Agility is a sport that dogs of all shapes and sizes enjoy taking part in, be it for fun or competition and both Terri and Louise love taking these classes as they invariably involve a lot of laughter and applause!! They both believe in Positive Reward Based training and encourage all of our students to arrive armed with tasty treats, toys or anything else that your dog loves or responds to.

Louise Ball

Louise has lived with dogs from a small age, but started dog training seriously when she moved to Cornwall in 1996.  Since then, she has owned seven GSD’s, has bred and kept four of her own puppies, and has shown at local and national shows, including Crufts.
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Louise has competed at many local agility competitions with three dogs for many years. She has attended many local dog training clubs since living in Cornwall: Five of her dogs have Good Citizen awards to Gold, one to Bronze and one currently to Silver.  She also obtained a BH working qualification with one dog when he was only 18 months of age.

Louise has gained invaluable experience and knowledge in training her own dogs in many disciplines and is looking forward to sharing this knowledge with future members of BOWOW! Louise strongly believes that the only successful way to achieve anything with your dog is through positive training methods.